About The Church

New Visitors

We welcome new visitors to Eaton United Methodist Church and we're glad you are here! Our new visitors ministry is designed to help you feel welcome, to answer your questions, and help you get involved in our faith community. The following FAQ's might help you get started. If you have other questions, please fill out the form below or do not hesitate to contact the church office at 456-4670.

Which service should I attend?

The early service at 9:30 is a more contemporary service with a praise band, casual atmosphere, and no liturgy. The later 11:00 service is a more traditional service with a liturgy, choir, bell choir, hymns, and spoken responses. Both services serve communion on the 1st Sunday of each month. We find that both services have a pretty good mix of young and old. Try them both out and then decide!

What should I wear?

Jesus does not care what you wear! You will find that there is a variety of dress at both services. The first service tends to be a little more casual and the second service tends to be a little dressier, but you are welcome to dress in whatever makes you comfortable for each service. PLEASE, do not feel like you have to dress up! We have many people attend wearing jeans and a T-shirt and shorts in the summer and we are OK with that!
Where are the services held and how do I get there?

Both services are in the sanctuary located on the second floor. There are signs throughout the building and anyone would be happy to show you the way. There are stairs at the west side of the building, just inside the Maple Street entrance and there is also an elevator available inside the south entrance. The steps and elevator are both accessible from the Social Hall as well. Feel free to enter through any door. You will find greeters at the west entrance off of Maple Street, the north entrance off of Somers Street and the south handicapped accessible entrance.

How long do the services last?

The services usually run about an hour from opening to closing.

Should I tell someone I am a visitor?

YES, PLEASE! Please inform the greeter as you enter the sanctuary that you are a visitor because we have a gift for you. The greeter can also seat you with someone if you desire.

What do I do with my children?

We have a full-time nursery supervisor for your younger children and babies located on the first floor of the education wing. You can drop your younger children off there at any time before or during the service (if they happen to get restless.) We will ask you to sign your children in and sign them out to keep them secure. Please notify the nursery supervisor of any medical conditions, allergies, or other important information to ensure proper care for your child.
For older children, we invite them to join you for the opening portion of each service and then the pastor will release them for Sunday school during the offering. Your children will exit the front of the sanctuary with a Sunday School leader and will be taken to the appropriate class. Again, if there are any medical issues, allergies or other important information we need to know, please be sure to let someone know. At the conclusion of the service, you may exit the front of the sanctuary as well into our education wing to pick up and sign out your child from Sunday school.
What do I do between church and Sunday school?

We have opportunities for Sunday school during each service, so some folks are in Sunday school during the early service and others attend Sunday school during the later service. Between those two times, from 10:30 to 11:00, we invite you to join us for hospitality time in the Social Hall with coffee, drinks and snacks. This is a great time to get to know other members and learn more about our church. Even if you do not attend Sunday school, please join us after the early service or come early for the later service for this wonderful time of fellowship!
If I am running late, can I still get in?

Absolutely! The entrance to the sanctuary is at the back, so it is easy to slip in quietly and settle in!
Will someone give me a tour of the church?

Yes. Please tell the sanctuary greeter and one will be arranged for you.

What if I need prayer?

Our pastor and many of our members would be glad to pray with you. Please let us know and we will be there for you. There is also a prayer list on a podium at the back of the sanctuary where you can write down your prayer requests. This list is distributed to our prayer chain and you can bet that your requests will be prayed over! Please visit our prayer team page for more information about signing up for the prayer chain emails or to submit a prayer request right now.

Do you have bible studies?

We have numerous Sunday school classes that meet on Sundays as well as many small groups that meet throughout the week. Please check out the calendar and our spiritual formation section of this site for more information.